I have no desire to get into the garment business so I’m looking to license a design to a novelty clothing manufacturer (if you know one or want to get into that business I have a blockbuster idea; contact me if you can help or are interested).

I followed the advice of Stephen Key of InventRight and I visited the store where I thought this novelty product would sell. It’s not a patentable invention, more of a copyrightable artwork kind of idea.

It felt really weird to go to a Spencer’s gifts again as a 40-something guy after all these years. I got over my reservations and had just had fun with it.

While I was at Spencer’s, I found the URL for Kalan gifts on the tag of a piece of clothing. They have a link to a website that accepts ideas (the kind of crude humor stuff you find at Spencer’s).

Give it a try. It could be that first step you need to get moving and get in the game. They pay a flat rate for the rights so it’s not recurring revenue but it’s a start.

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