Here’s me in a nutshell. I figured if you are reading my blog, it would be nice to know more about me than can fit in a blogger profile.

First some numbers and abbreviations. I have three degrees, AA, BSME and MBA. I’ve worked for three large corporations (10,000-70,000) employees and one company of 500 in my 17 year career. Bigger is not better. I’ve been laid off/down-sized two times by the bigger corporations that got a lot smaller.

I have six patents, one wonderful wife, one fantastic son and two American Bulldogs. I drive a 2 wheel drive, 4 door, Toyota pick-up truck. I’ve traveled to just one other continent, Asia. I’ve been to Hong Kong and Malaysia 4X. I’ve spent about 5 weeks total in the Caribbean doing construction work on an orphanage, a youth camp, and a church.

My longest job was 13 years, my shortest; one night washing dishes at a Chinese restaurant. I was recently out of work for 5 months and that is when I really got motivated to do more with my creativity and inventing. I hope that in 6 years (my 50th birthday) I will be able to be an independent inventor.

I’ve owned two houses, lived in three states; NJ, FL, and now NC. Yes, I am a half-back I don’t intend leaving the Promised Land of NC.

I lost count of how may people I hired, probably 30+ but never had to fire one. I’ve worked on cars, missiles, radar jamming systems, police radio microphones, cell phones, health care patient monitoring, toys, two-way radios, robots, nano technology, plastics, Six Sigma, process improvement, manufacturing, injection molding tooling, product development, process development, business development, technology development, cost reduction, product packaging, user manuals, business cases, white papers, product quality, reliability, safety and software quality assurance.

I feel like a Johnny Cash song, “I’ve worked everywhere man”. Now if I could just make that into a song.

To be continued …

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