I found out about an organization dedicated to designing products for the other 90%.

What does the other 90% mean? The other 90% is the percentage of the world’s population living in poverty. In the Western world, we think we are the majority, NEWS FLASH! we’re not.

Clean water, shelter, sanitation, food that does not spoil, electricity, are all things that we take for granted. This site explains the need for products that can make a difference in people’s lives.

Here is the link: http://other90.cooperhewitt.org/

There is also a book available from Amazon on the topic as well, titled “Design for the Other 90%” by Cynthia E. Smith.

I know someone who really knows what it’s like to live in a developing country. Her name is Amy. She is a very dear friend, more like an adopted family member, the daughter I wish I had if I had a daughter. Amy is a missionary and she was just ordained last week. After serving in India for a year and El Salvador last summer, she is called to minister to Zambia Africa. Amy is going to be my eyes and ears and let me know about what people really need in Africa. I will share what I learn from her with you.

This got me to thinking about some basic needs like fresh water. I am working on an idea to purify water using some well known chemical processes. If you have experience with water electrolysis, please contact me and maybe we can collaborate.

Make you mark on the world and design for the other 90%.

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