The Invention Addict 12 Step Program to Invent—Going from Inspiration to Innovation.

This is a series of posts on the 12 steps how to invent a product. A DIY class for inventors.

The second step is FRUSTRATION.

No, I’m not saying you need to be frustrated. You want to look for opportunities where consumers are frustrated. Look for where people have a problem that really bugs them to the point they are willing to PAY for a solution to their problem. This is one of the places to find your inspiration.

I listen for:
“I hate _______.” Hate is a very powerful emotion.
“It makes me angry when ________”, another powerful emotion.
“There has to be a better way to _______.”

I listen to hear this from myself, people around me, or on radio or tv. Just observe your world. People will pay if you solve a problem. If you strike an emotional chord with someone, they are even more motivated to exchange their money for your solution.

I heard a story about a very successful inventor who made most of his money on what he swears are other people’s ides. He said, “I’ve grown a fondness for listening to other people complain. That’s where I get my best ideas.”

Solve a problem, fill a hole, or scratch an itch. When you solve the problem, do it efficiently. “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.”-Albert Einstein

You have to provide value. The perception that what the consumer receives is worth what they have to pay. It’s not just the initial cash outlay. Is there on-going costs, does it take up a lot of space, is it easy to use.

Go shopping, see what is in the market and how you can either do it better or do something that is not currently done.

This is your inspiration point. This is where I get excited any my creative side starts to take over thinking of how to solve this problem.

Here are the 12 steps to invent a product:
1. Realization
2. Frustration
3. Ideation
4. Exploration
5. Investigation
6. Simulation
7. Productization
8. Confirmation
9. Communication
10. Conversation
11. Negotiation
12. Celebration

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