You decide, great invention or “just not feelin’ it”. Balance may be an issue. Any volunteers to buy some and report back?


Talk about practical! This plastic party tray fits right over your drink, so you can hold everything in one hand. When you set your beer down for a food run, you can lose track of it. Don’t abandon your bottle, can, or cup when you can simply place one of the Go Plates on top of it!

Perfect for parties and buffet-style events, the plate stays put while you eat. When you want to take a drink, simply lift the plate off! Designed for warm or cold foods, they’re crafted from sturdy, reusable, recycled clear plastic that can go right into the dishwasher.

  • Crafted from sturdy, reusable, clear plastic
  • Made from RPET (recycled leftover industrial plastic from larger projects) and is recyclable
  • Designed for free-handed eating and drinking
  • Fits over most consumer bottles, cans and cups
  • Designed with bumps and ridges on the underside of the opening so that 16 and 18 oz cups fit snuggly and the plate stays balanced
  • Ideal for cold or warm foods
  • Plate lifts off easily for access to your drink
  • Hand washable or top rack dishwasher safe (Use energy cycles, or low heat cycles – the product is tested up to 140° F)

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