What’s love got to do with it? Plenty!

We all like to think that when it comes to purchasing items we are all like Dr. Spock from Star Trek and there is no emotion involved. “I’m an educated and rational person” we tell ourselves.

If you take a hard look at what you buy and the decision process involved you may be surprised.

Expressions of Love

When it comes to inventing and product development there are two different expressions of love.

  1. Consumers loving your product
  2. You loving your invention.

Emotion plays a big part in consumer buying decisions and if you are not careful, emotions can get the best of you in the product development process.

  • An idea ≠ invention, invention ≠ product, product ≠ innovation
  • An idea needs to be useful, non-obvious and novel to be patentable.
  • An invention needs to be feasible and marketable to be a successful product.

Innovation is the Truest Expression of Love

For a product to reach the status of true innovation, it has to be loved! If you are the only one who loves it, you’re in for a rough ride.

Ask someone who has an iPhone “do you like your iPhone?” Most often people will say “I love it”.

“Good products are used, great products are loved”
-Eddie Soto, Progress City

If someone loves your product they will tell whoever will listen.

Accountant Bikers

Sure Harley Davidson sells motorcycles but what they really sell is the ability for a middle-aged accountant to dress up in leather and scare little old ladies on the weekend. People make huge financial decisions based on emotion. Yes Mr. Spock, that is irrational but it’s human.

The key is to understand these emotional trigger points and use them without being manipulative. People will see right through that. You need to find a balance so you can get the power of emotion to make a lasting impression and call the person to action.

Emotional Triggers

Figure out how to tap into emotions. Some powerful emotional triggers are:

  • Safety, security, peace of mind.
  • Convenience-Saving consumers time so they can spend their time on what really matters.
  • Feeding the ego-a credit card with a picture of your pet cat on it is what trend analyst Faith Popcorn calls “Egonomics”.
  • Protecting the planet for our kids to enjoy.
  • Small indulgences; I’m worth a $6.00 cup of coffee darn it.

Do you know of more emotional triggers or examples (good and bad)? Why not share in the comments below.

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