Has this ever happened to you? You think of  a product idea, not a patentable idea but something that might sell, and you put it on the back burner. A short while later you see “your idea” in a catalog. Harvey Reese calls this “slacker’s remorse“.

The problem: When a child looses a tooth, they put it under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy to exchange it for cash. Sometimes the tooth gets lost or the money falls behind the bed.

Solution: A plasic box in the shape of a tooth to store the child’s tooth and later the money. I heard Stephen Key from InventRight talking about developing novelty items for license and I thought this would be a good candidate.

Roadblocks: How would I ever get this produced and distributed?

The Product: Twinkle Toof by Toysmith
Twinkle Toof from Toysmith is not your ordinary tooth fairy box. The Tooth Fairy loves this 3.5 inch, glow in the dark tooth keeper with secret compartment and record card for making her job a whole lot easier.

Take aways:

  • My idea had merit; don’t beat yourself up … keep brainstorming
  • The addition of the glow in the dark plastic is a great feature to add value
  • Toysmith is a potential company that I can contact to pitch a future toy or novelty idea http://www.toysmith.com/

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