Here at the Invention Addict Blog, I’m always trying to innovate and find new ways to help my readers. This is a first for me; I’m doing a book review.

Why a book review you may ask? Well, I do not benefit from this, I don’t get kick-backs. I want to help two groups of people.  My intent is top help the Invention Addict Blog readers attain their goals with inventing. Secondly, by doing the book review I hope to help Mark Hamilton and Anna Hess with their business. And heck, this book only cost me $4 and it was well worth it so the chance of getting hate mail is slim.

The book is titled Microbusiness Independence; A No Nonsense Approach to Inventing Your Way out of the Rat Race by Mark Hamilton and Anna Hess. I learned about the e-book from a comment Anna left on my blog. I followed the link to the site and read the first chapter for free. I was intrigued and thought $4 is what some people pay for a cup of coffee so what the heck.

I found the book easy to read and very practical. The approach to inventing advocated by the book is different that what I’ve always thought. Different is good. For example, not patenting your invention! Heresy I say.

The main premise of the book is to keep your costs low and minimize the time you spend running the business. If you choose the wrong product/business you will find yourself working for less than minimum wage!

The book teaches very sound methods that I’ve considered myself. The trick is to come up with a product that takes minimal start-up money. There is some great information about getting customers for your product. There are countless garages with boxes of inventory of items listed on a website that no one visits. Like I’ve said in previous posts, remember the 4 P’s of Marketing. Promotion and Placement are critical. This book gives some solid advice.

Mark and Anna leverage technology (the internet) to allow them to live off the land. I think that is pretty cool.

Here is the link to read the first chapter enjoy.

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