This post should be titled, “Why Crocs are a Great Invention or How I accidentally wore the wrong shoes to work” but that was too long.

Over the summer I saw my neighbor wearing Crocs outside while doing yard work. I thought, “How ugly, I would never wear those.”

Never say never. My wife bought me a pair of dark blue Crocs for a Christmas present. She even got me the University of Florida Gator Jibbitz inserts.

Well, I tell you that these are my new favorite shoes. Lightweight, easy to put on, and they just feel good under your feet. Kind of springy. I have plantar fasciitis so walking barefoot on hardwood floors is really bad for my feet. My Crocs are my new favorite inside shoes.

Well that’s what they were supposed to be, inside shoes. Over Christmas I was off for two weeks form my day job. My wardrobe was a t-shirt, sweat pants and my Crocs. I did go out of the house with my Crocs but just for a short trip to the Food Lion grocery store.

This morning I put on my Crocs so I would not forget them and leave them upstairs. I need to wear them downstairs where the hardwood floors are. So I take the dog for a short walk and proceed to go to work.

It’s 17 degrees out today and as I drive to work my feet feel colder than yesterday. I realize that I’m wearing my Crocs to work! No big deal I think and no time to go back home.

I learned that you can’t hide in your cubicle all day long. When I walked in late to a stand-up meeting of 15 of my co-workers, people noticed. FYI: A stand-up meeting room has no tables or chairs in the room, it make the meetings shorter. People notice so after the meeting I tell my story while laughing with my co-workers.

It could be worse; my wife could have bought me the bright orange Florida Gator Crocs.

Verdict: Crocs are a great invention because they are so comfortable you forget you are wearing them.

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