For those times when inspiration hits in the shower–AquaNotes

I  often get some good ideas in the shower or driving to work. It seems that there is some research to back up my observations. I had heard that the sound of water stimulated the brain but I could not find any research to back that up. I think the sound of water may be relaxing and that may help to release you mind.

The phenomenon is called the creative pause. This is where you let your ideas incubate by not thinking about them in the conscious mind. After the idea has a chance to incubate, you have that “aha moment” in the shower.

Why is that? Here are a few reasons why:

  • There’s little opportunity for distraction
  • Minimal mental engagement is required for the the task at hand
  • Showering creates a “white noise” effect
  • A change of scenery sets the stage for the unexpected

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