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Disclaimer – I am not saying these are necessarily great products but it does illustrate a point. You want to help people solve a problem or overcome a frustrating.

You want to look for opportunities where consumers are frustrated. Look for where people have a problem that really bugs them to the point they are willing to PAY for a solution to their problem. This is one of the places to find your inspiration.

I listen for:
“I hate _______.” Hate is a very powerful emotion.
“It makes me angry when ________”, another powerful emotion.
“There has to be a better way to _______.”

I listen to hear this from myself, people around me, or on radio or TV. Just observe your world. People will pay if you solve a problem. If you strike an emotional chord with someone, they are even more motivated to exchange their money for your solution.

I heard a story about a very successful inventor who made most of his money from what he swears are other people’s ides. He said, “I’ve grown a fondness for listening to other people complain. That’s where I get my best ideas.”

Solve a problem, fill a hole, or scratch an itch. Look for someone who needs help. If you solution provides value (the benefit outweighs the cost) then you are on your way to being a successful inventor.

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