People seem to be fairly polarized about Apple. Either way, you can’t argue with success.

Gary Hamel, who writes in the Wall Street Journal on management, wrote an interesting article on the ideals that have made Apple the company that they are today. This was his list:

  • Be passionate. “I think, for a company to generate years of exceptional returns unless it first devotes itself to the pursuit of an exceptional ideal.”
  • Lead, don’t follow. Apple “always sets out to radically redefine a category with a distinctive product or business model.”
  • Aim to surprise. “Apple seems committed to exceeding expectations—to evoking a “Wow!” from even its most jaded customers.”
  • Be unreasonable. “Reasonable people don’t produce breakthroughs.”
  • Innovate incessantly and pervasively. Apple “must be relieved that innovation is still a sideshow in so many of their competitors.”
  • Sweat the details. “Great design isn’t just about bold strokes, it’s about getting all of the tiny things right that conspire together to make a product truly exceptional.”
  • Think like an engineer, feel like an artist. “A company can’t produce beautiful products if the bean counters win every argument.” 

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