You have to see this stuff. It is so cool.

It is a biodegradable plastic (like nylon) that has a low glass transition temperature meaning that it get soft and pliable like putty at around 180 deg F. It stiffens at room temperature and it’s colorable. I hear it’s paintable but I need to do some experiments.


  • Re-usable
  • Can use hot water to melt it
  • Use scissors to cut it when warm
  • Use a Dremel tool when cold

How it works

Here are a few videos I screened to save you time

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Where to buy

If you want the best deal, you need to buy large quantities. Here are the price per oz. I would go with the 1 lb jar from McMaster Carr.



weight (oz) cost USD cost/oz Supplier
4.4 $    14.95 $       3.40 Amaco
28 $    49.95 $       1.78 Amaco
400 $  540.00 $       1.35 Amaco
16 $    22.92 $       1.43 McMaster
8.8 $    14.95 $       1.70 ShapeLock
17.6 $    24.95 $       1.41 ShapeLock

Ohio Power Tool

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