Have you reached the point where the pain of change is greater than the pain of remaining the same? You won’t change until you reach this tipping point.

In other words are you fed-up enough to finally get over the fear of doing something about the situation? It’s time to do something with your new invention.

Getting Used to Pain

The trouble is that we tend to get tolerant of pain the longer it wears on us. If you want to boil a frog you don’t drop it in a pot of boiling water. You set the frog in some nice cool water and slowly turn up the heat.

Your Career

Your career can be like that. Start out nice and comfortable. You go from a poor college student to professional making decent money. Years go by and you get promoted and your salary grows. You find yourself locked in golden handcuffs. You say I can’t start a business; I have a mortgage, kids, and a job.

Things change so slowly that you don’t even notice. The next thing you know … you’re cooked!

Your Friends

I remember going to the Jersey shore as a kid in the ’70s every summer with my family. I was too young to appreciate the culinary delight of eating fresh blue crabs but I do remember watching them cook.

A large pot full of crabs with steam coming out. One crab would try to escape by reaching for the rim of the pot. What happened? The other crabs would grab him and pull him back in.

Are your friends or co-workers like that? Misery does love company. Examine your relationships. Prune the ones that are not healthy, intervene in the ones you want to hold on to and make better. You need people to support you. It’s hard facing the pain of change. Facing your fears. Stepping out of your comfort zone.

Now What?

You have to do it. The pain of the status quo is killing you. Take action. Do it afraid, but do it.

  • Draw that sketch of the idea you are kicking around
  • Do the patent search on the product you are afraid you will find
  • Make that prototype that you think will not be good enough
  • Write that PPA that you know you need
  • Create the sell sheet so you can start to pitch you product
  • Make the phone calls to the companies on your list

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