One day I stumbled across a great website called Womentorz created by a remarkable woman named Melinda Knight. I read her inspiring story about how she is empowering women to explore the world of entrepreneurship and inventing. On the site you can shop for women invented products, unique gifts, baby products and much more.

I contacted Melinda and asked if she could be a guest blogger. Here is the story of Womentorz, the one stop place for American Women Inventors.

 I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart and love creating businesses from scratch, but I’ve also been a problem solver and inventor thinking of creative solutions to everyday problems.  While working out in the gym I was thinking about how nice it would be to be able to exercise and work on my laptop at the same time.  I came up with a laptop tray design with 360 degree adjustment capability and complex clamping mechanism which I named the “AttachaTray”.  In an effort to take the product to market, I attended a casting call for a TLC show on women inventors in Chicago.  Amazed at the number of women with great ideas, I returned home with a bigger idea and Womentorz was born. 

The common problem I saw across the board with these amazingly talented women was they had difficulty marketing their product directly to the consumer.  So much was invested in their product and patents that there was little left for marketing.  I’ve also been surrounded by the Washington Wine industry and saw how they banded together as a marketing unit in order to promote Washington Wine as a whole.  I saw how this made the Washington Wine industry a much more powerful marketing force.  I brought this concept to my idea of forming Womentorz.  I thought, “How great would it be for these innovative women to come together as a unit to create powerful marketing tools in order to drive sales and media opportunities.” is a website that allows women inventors to have a virtual storefront as well as be a part of an online network for a very minimal investment.  Womentorz provides all of the promotion and social networking needed to generate traffic to the women’s products giving them the exposure their inventions deserve.  Womentorz also gives the women inventors a sense of community and support that’s so important in staying focused as well as spirits lifted.

Inventor Entrepreneur Melinda Knight

Womentorz has gained national recognition in a very short period of time.  I knew I had a good idea, but I wasn’t prepared for how quickly the brand would gain in popularity.  With numerous radio and television appearances, a huge following through social networking, along with important partnership with professionals across the nation who are assets to the community I have built.  The more inventors and products that come to the community the stronger the marketing force will become.  It’s the ladies of Womentorz that makes it so special and I’m honored to be a part of it.

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