If it sounds too good to be true, chances are it’s not.

Scammers are Creative

I have to give the scammers credit, they are creative. Have your received the e-mail stating that someone in a foreign country has money tied up and they need your help. This is called the Nigerian Letter Scam. It is a type of advance-fee fraud. It’s a con-game where the target (mark) is persuaded to advance sums of money in the hope of realizing a significantly larger gain. It preys on our sense of greed and the unsuspecting trusting soul who thinks their ship has finally come in.

An Old Trick with a Twist to Scam Inventors

A new twist on the scam targets inventors with issued patents. Here is what the letter looks like:

From: “Ali Hussain” <dralihussain001@yahoo.com>
Sent: Sunday, October 3, 2010 5:03:49 AM
Subject: my offer

Dear ,
I have gone through your products and it features and Based on advice from my financial and marketing Consultant I am convince in the potentials of the Product in the market when finally commercialized.
 And I believe that the product will do well when it is finally mass produce for Commercialization, in view of this I have settled for the outright buyout of the invention by this you will not be entitle to any royalty or any other benefit as the product or idea inventor and you will be required to provide a consultancy service for the first six months of the Kick off of the invention mass production.
And based on the aforesaid I am offering you the sum of $25m (twenty-five million United States of American dollars) for the patent buyout If this offer is okay by you, please let me know so that I can start getting the money ready for onward payment/delivery to you, And I will also request that if this offer is okay by you. You should stop further negotiation with any other person, as this would give me a sense of security that the patent is still for me 
And again I request that this transaction should be kept discreet as I would not want a third party like attorney, nominee or proxy involvement, all transaction would be handled directly by both parties i.e. me and you because the United Arab Emirate  government is against such huge investment on foreign inventions like yours so in other for me not to run into problem With the authority I request that you keep our discussion discreet  and confidential until I effect payment and take over the patent right

The payment would be made in Europe or in Ontario-Canada   the fund would be conveyed to any of the above city for your claim.

The fund would be boxed in two trunk boxes and airlifted to any of the above city and would be cleared from the country’s customs department and deposited in a diplomatic vault pending your arrival or contact for claim. This transaction would be facilitated by a diplomat attaché from the Caribbean who will move the fund consignments as special diplomatic packages containing classified government’s documents this way the fund consignments would be exempted from regular check at the various international airports/boarders.

I will forward your contact info to the diplomat to enable him contact you for the fund consignments clearing and it subsequent delivery to you when he arrives either Ontario-Canada or Europe with the fund consignments

The diplomat can also help you deliver the fund consignment to your home base under diplomatic cover if you cannot travel to any of the above city for the fund claim.

The reason why the transaction has to go this way is because the government of United Arab Emirate is against huge capital movement out of the country and the direct transfer of this fund could cause the Government to accuse me of money laundering or terrorism financing.

So the modus, which I have chosen, is most convenient, safe and secured means available to us.

If this arrangement is okay by you let me know so that I can start getting the fund ready for onward delivery to you and I will also send to you an agreement for your perusal and eventual signing the agreement would govern and bind us in this transaction
If the offer/modus is okay by you, you let me know so that we can proceed.

Meanwhile my contact telephone still remains  +971567648177 so you can call me for oral discussion as I await your immediate reply for us proceed.

I also intend to send a copy of my international passport to enable you know me better as soon as i confirm your continue interest to proceed with the transaction. I await your prompt response for us to proceed.

Dr Ali Hussain

RED FLAG -Tip Off that this is an Inventor Scam

How about this statement,

this transaction should be kept discreet as I would not want a third party like attorney, nominee or proxy involvement …

 Why would that be? If you are going to transfer patent rights you better get an attorney!

I check Snopes.com and they have not reported this so I sent it in to them. They responded back and said it’s a variation of the Nigeria Scam.  I read on the Edison Nation Forum the other have received a similar e-mails.

What Happens Next with this Inventor Scam

According to one forum poster you may get a request for $12,650.

With reference to your request for approval of a new technology under jurisdictions of the Gulf Cooperation Council, we have attached the related application forms and authorization document which must be filled out and returned to us by “email attachment” or “fax”.  Copies of documents relating to the application such as figures, drawings and certification should accompany the completed application forms. We wish to inform you that the associated cost of application is equivalent to $12,650 US Dollars (Twelve Thousand, Six Hundred and Fifty US Dollars). In the event that the requested approval is denied, the above stated application cost will be refunded in full to the applicant (less bank wire charges). Following our receipt of the completed application forms and the above quoted sum, we shall undertake your request without delay; to facilitate official grant of approval within 3 (three) working days from receipt of payment.

Yours faithfully,

Omani Associates

 Nice touch. “Yours faithfully”. OK, I feel better now … NOT!

Friendly Advice

RUN! Please don’t get caught up in thoughts of a quick buck. Buying patents outright is rare. Stick to licensing with a reputable US company.

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