I never thought myself much of an artist but as Seth Godin defines art I guess I am.

My definition of art contains three elements:

  1. Art is made by a human being.
  2. Art is created to have an impact, to change someone else.
  3. Art is a gift. You can sell the souvenir, the canvas, the recording… but the idea itself is free, and the generosity is a critical part of making art.

By my definition, most art has nothing to do with oil paint or marble. Art is what we’re doing when we do our best work.

Today I took my first art class. “Saturday Morning Drawing” taught by Derrick B. Bryant (Benetez). A really cool cat who digs jazz, teaches and makes a living with art. Pretty cool! Check out his site: http://www.benetez3.com/Home_Page.php

 I’m taking the class to get out and meet new people and to improve my sketching skills. It’s much faster to sketch an invention than to make a 3-D CAD model on the computer. Someday I hope to be able to create some digital art that I can sell or at least make some T-shirts.

So this leads to my inspirational message for the day.

 “Don’t be a circle!” Make an impact on someone and be generous doing it.

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