I came across a cool product called DoodleWear invented by Gayla Kilbride. I asked Gayla a few questions about her inventing journey.

What was your inspiration to create DoodleWear?

Doodle Wear started with an accident. I was doing the laundry and spilled some bleach on the pants I was wearing. I tossed them aside. A few weeks later I picked them up to throw them away and I saw a donkeys head in one of the white bleach splotches. I went and got a marker and drew in the details of the donkey. Before I was finished I saw a Carriage with flames and after that a French Chef & a Dr. Suess animal and so on and so on. Pretty soon the pants were full of doodles. I called them Doodle Pants. I grabbed my 8-year-old niece and 5-year-old nephew and put them to work as my development team. We went to Walmart and bought them white clothing. Then we went around town and bought as many different brands of color dye as we could find. We Doodle Dyed all the clothing and chose the best brand of dye. My niece and nephew spent days having fun Doodling the colorful dye splotches on their new clothes. I expanded the name to Doodle Wear and a business was born.

So far what has been the hardest thing to do?
Marketing is where most inventors get stuck. They either hold their invention so close no one else gets to see it or they have a hard time convincing someone to purchase their idea or product. For me, like it is for most people, being the Marketer is difficult . My original marketing plan has evolved many times over. If one doesn’t work for me I will try another. My most recent marketing plan for getting the Doodle Wear name and product out to the public is through an off-shoot of the Doodle Wear business called “Doodles 4 Giving”. I am offering the Doodle Wear products to non-profit organizations as a fundraiser product. I am also working with an event planner creating Doodle Day Events, an event with a Doodle Wear theme. It’s just now in the works. I want the first event to be for children in hospitals. My goal is to get a Doodle Wear baseball caps or bandana into the hands of every child that has to spend long boring hours in the hospital. You can see this at Doodles4Giving.com

If you were to start over what would you do differently?
I would move a lot faster to get where I am. I would not have taken the breaks I did. When you feel like you’ve hit a wall it’s natural to set it aside for awhile or give up all together. You should never give up. And if you do take a break make it a short one. Jump right back on the horse if you truly believe in your idea.

What advice do you have for a person who says I could never invent a product and take it to market?
Inventions present themselves in the most unexpected way. With a creative, open mind anyone can be an inventor. I just spoke to a classroom of thirty 1st through 3rd graders that are studying the invention process. I was amazed at some of the ideas they had come up with. Taking their ideas to market will be the next step. Each one of them needs to become their own marketer. If they truly believe that their product is worthy, what they need will come to them. To successfully Market your idea or product you have to absolutely know within yourself that it is fantastic and worthy of being on the market. People will see that belief in you and it will be infectious. If you Google “Youngest Inventor” pages of children that have products with patents come up. If they can do it you can do it. Find a need and fix it.

Have you used Patent Wizard to file your PPA? What was that like?
I have used Patent Wizard to file a Provisional Patent Application and I found it to be the best on the market compared to the others I’ve tried over the years. All you need to do is answer a few questions and Patent Wizard puts it into the Legal format. How easy is that!

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