Often times I like to charge my phone on my desk and also see what my phone is doing. I use it to check my Gmail throughout the day.

So one Saturday I had an idea one day to make a desktop holder for my Droid X phone. I don’t like to buy stuff that I can make. This on is 14.75 pounds or a lot more US$ than what I want to spend.

Here is one I saw on Instructables.com

Since I don’t have a table saw, I needed to figure out another way to make it. So I made my own wood version and then I got carried away. I thought ‘What are all the ways I can prototype something?” and this phone holder was the perfect item to try out different methods and techniques.  I decided to make what I could and get prices for methods that I don’t have the tools or materials for.

Here’s my list of prototype methods I will be posting about:

  • Virtual (3-D CAD Model)
  • Wood
  • Ren Foam
  • Clay
  • Shapemorph
  • Cardboard
  • CNC Machined (quote)
  • 3-D Printed (quote)
  • Injection Molded(quote)

Please comment and let me know of any other ideas I missed.

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