Regular readers on invention addict know that I run hot and cold when it come to, the Social Product Development Community Open Innovation Website now TV show.

I think Quirky is a great concept and for the casual or accidental inventor to offer them chance at success as long as they understand the limitations can be great.

Andrea Zabinski, or Zabber, as she is own is a Quirky rock star or should I say a Quirky TV star. has a TV show on the Sundance Channel. I did not even know I had the channel. I set up the DVR to start recording it..

Check out Andrea’s story in her own words.

I started watching  Quirky the show. It’s kind of like watching a reality show about my previous job at Motorola where we developed new products from concept to production. I really miss that job.
If you want to be more intentional about inventing and want to put in the work and not hope to win a contest, go to my contact page and lets connect.  I can help with filing a PPA, design, CAD, prototypes, sell sheets and more. I can’t promise to get you on TV but if may be a better fit for you to get your idea protected, proven out and pitch it to a company to bring to market.

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