The following is a guest post by Aubree Parsons

So you have come up with a great invention, filed a patent application, and are ready to share your work with the world. What should you do first? How should you attract the attention of consumers to your new product? These are questions that every entrepreneur and inventor has. And here is the answer: start with the Internet.

The Internet offers a long list of free and affordable marketing resources that can improve the visibility of your new product. Basically speaking, the Internet is a vehicle through which you can get the word out about your new invention. With so many resources on the World Wide Web, it is important that you choose to utilize the tools that will prove most effective. The following four tips will help you spread the word about your new product throughout the online community.

  1. Create a social media platform. Social media is key in any marketing strategy. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other platforms provide a free outlet through which you can connect with consumers. Additionally, these social networks allow you to build a relationship with members of the online community, which is an important component of any marketing strategy.
  2. Start a blog. An informal, easy way to provide consumers with information about your product, a blog is a great way to connect with current and potential clients. Remember to provide value to readers, offering information that they will find useful while highlighting your industry and product.
  3. Streamline all marketing materials. While this may seem like a minor detail, it is actually a major part of any well thought out marketing plan. Use the same logo and slogan on all marketing materials, both Internet-based and traditional. This will allow consumers to recognize your brand over several different platforms, meaning that the logo they see on Facebook will stand out when they encounter it again on Twitter.
  4. Maintain an active online presence. Simply setting up profiles is not enough. You have to interact with followers to keep them interested. Remember that sharing your invention with the online community is, at its core, a marketing tactic; however, it should feel like a conversation. People don’t join Facebook or Twitter to receive sales pitches. Instead, keep it light and fun and spread your brand’s message in a positive way.

With these four marketing tips, you can start to build your invention’s following!

Aubree Parsons is a free lance writer and editor. Her personal accreditations can be found on her LinkedIn. Professionally, Aubree is a staff writer for several websites including The-Hurrycane.

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