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Engineer who has been “downsized” three times in five years decided to take action to have a bit more control over his future. He designed and developed a hands free holder for iPads and tablet computers. The product is on Kickstarter to get funded.


Stephen Bozzone is an engineer who was laid off from his job at tech giant Motorola in 2007. Since then he was laid off from two other high tech jobs.


In 2008 he decided to start his own company Inspiration2Innovation LLC to develop his own inventions and to help aspiring inventors take their products ideas to market.


18 months ago Bozzone received a Galaxy Tab tablet computer as a Father’s Day gift. If you have an iPad you know how frustrating it is to find a device that will allow you to read or watch TV while lying down or sitting on a couch. “I loved my new tablet but it was uncomfortable to hold it for very long to watch a movie or read an ebook” says Stephen.


Seeing a problem, he sought out a simple solution that would allow a user to view their iPad or table in portrait and landscape mode anywhere in the house and even in bed. After countless prototypes and design changes the TabLetGO was developed. The TabLetGo is the solution. Whether you want to sit down or lie down the TabLetGo is your best option.


Its unique design allows you to change the position of any generation iPad to type, watch movies or read books. It has a rigid bamboo surface with a removable pillow on the bottom. The adjustable hinge positions the iPad or tablet at the perfect angle. The sleek and innovative design will let you love your iPad even more. It’s portable and can be used seated, laying in bed, on a treadmill, and in a train, plane or automobile.


The TabLetGO is seeking funding through Kickstarter until the end of January 2013. The TabLetGO can be yours for a pledge of $39.


About Kickstarter: Kickstarter is an all or nothing crowdfunding platfrom. Backers pledge funds to get a project kicked off. Various rewards are offered based on the amount of the pledge. It the project does not meet the funding goal, the money is refunded.


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