To be able to maximize your creativity, one doesn’t only leave everything to chance and talent. There are certain techniques on how to enhance your creativity. It’s been said that creative people often have eccentric or unusual routines in order to achieve those “Aha!” moments or bouts and surges of ideas to get those creative juices flowing. But there are also tried and tested techniques on how to enhance your creativity that doesn’t resemble any of those strange habits of artists or inventors. Here are some creative pick me ups to kick start your work day and that will surely inspire you to work with the most creative results. If you want to get some art inspiration when you’re out and about the city, you can catch the interesting shows in Moderna Galerija in Ljubljana.

Being stuck in an office doesn’t mean there’s isn’t time to be creative. There are simple and doable habits that only require the most minimal effort. We all need coffee to wake up that sleepy brain and spirit. But you cannot rely solely on caffeine to give your creative spirit a proper jolt. One of the easiest ways to do so is get some sun and have a short brainstorming walk with a co worker. You can also rearrange your work space if you’re allowed to do so. Get rid of that unnecessary clutter. An office space with a nice clean flow naturally invites positive vibes. You can also take power naps, a 15 minute nap is ideal. Another way to boost your creativity is playing online games. Research and scientific studies have proven that playing online games especially card games like poker help improve eyesight, decision making and problem solving skills. You can test and practice your gaming strategies when you play poker online at

You can join the tournaments and exercise your poker skills techniques without the hassle of dressing up and going to a real casino. But if you want to experience the thrill of live poker, you can join the tables and relax at Casino Venko in Dobrovo if you’re visiting Slovenia.

It’s also essential to have an idea bank. Whether it’s a sketchbook or a bookmark folder in your desktop, compiling those are helpful in remembering those brilliant ideas. If you aren’t sure of an idea or project you can always incubate it first or sleep on it. When looking for a solution, consider alternative options and choices. They don’t have to be out of the box, they just have to solve the problem the quickest and the most efficient way possible. Lastly, don’t be too hard on yourself. Live and laugh a little because being a creative person not only means approaching things on a different perspective but also having a healthy sense of humor. Downtime is essential, remember that. Check out destinations to help your creative output. Things that you might be interested in like an amazing art festival like Art Stays in Ptuj for more creative inspiration.

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