The Future of Wireless Power, In Your Hands

Guest Post by Eric Giler, CEO of WiTricity

Once the dream of science fiction writers, wireless electricity is now a 21st century reality. Building upon its patented physics based technology, WiTricity is partnering with the likes of Toyota, Audi and many other consumer electronics, medical and industrial equipment manufacturers to deliver on the commercial promise of wireless electricity using highly resonant wireless power transfer.


Recently, WiTricity launched Prodigy, a hands-on demonstration system for the company’s game-changing technology that provides engineers, educators and inventors with an affordable gateway to wireless power. Prodigy demonstrates technology that can be adapted to power devices implanted in the human body, cars powered by the roadway, and even battery-operated toys. Priced at $995 ($750 for academic purchasers), Prodigy can be purchased on-line and be in your hands within days.

Prodigy literally “goes the distance” with wireless power: a Resonant Repeater lets the wireless power hop over a larger distance, enhancing the range of your wireless power solution.

With Prodigy, a single source is capable of charging multiple devices. Someday soon, you will be charging your cellphone, your tablet, your friend’s cellphone and your laptop all from one charging source built into your furniture.

Prodigy is FCC approved, and perfectly safe to use around people and animals.  You can even send power through water, bricks, glass, wood, fabric—and any other non-metallic material.

Prodigy enables you to explore the future of a world without wires. Schematics are available to help you understand the circuit designs and materials needed to implement highly resonant wireless power transfer. Check out this video describing what Prodigy is capable of, or visit

YouTube Preview Image

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