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I love buying products that come in creative packages. The more thought and effort someone has put into the package, the more attractive the product is to me. I figure that if someone has spent all that energy in making it look good it will probably taste good or work well too. If you are an inventor you may want to think about how you will package your invention to appeal to buyers. Here are a dozen of the coolest packaging ideas I have seen in a while for your inspiration:

Breast Bread – This unique package for rolls is funny at the same time. Created to look like a pair of women’s breasts, it certainly gets your attention!

Fit Buns – Having a six pack gets a new meaning with this creative bun brand. The lifted t-shirt and abdominal muscles made of the product make you laugh and think about what you will look like if you choose to eat this good for you brand.

Mountain Tissue – Blow your nose on this! The snowcapped peak of a mountaintop serves to accentuate the usefulness of this little product. Cute and fun and totally usable.

Stomach Full – Cure Hunger in New York created this cool grocery bag. The clear stomach makes you think about what you are putting in and what other people need. A great idea.

Extended Box – This Ford matchstick box is a great way to show their new extended bed pickup truck. Not only is it great branding, but the concept really comes through.

Gnome Loaf – This great and simple bread wrapper makes you laugh as you look at it. What better use for bread than the iconic hat of a gnome?

Coke Bottle Cup – The iconic Coca-Cola bottle is now in a portable and safe plastic cup form. As you drink, the clear bottle shape empties. A great branding tool and a throwback to simpler times.

Popping Zit Pills – This one really makes me laugh. An ingenious integration of utility and humor, you pop out the acne medication from these colorfully printed wrappers just like you would pop a huge zit. A little gross but definitely memorable and fun for teens, the main users.

Pizza by the Piece – This great packing idea saves you from having to get your fingers greasy. Just pick up a slice using the plastic inserts and fold over the tab to hold the crust. Fun and useful.

Hanger Tea – Shaped like tiny t-shirts and hanging from little yellow hangers in a miniature closet, this tea brand is sure to be remembered. A fun idea for an old product.

Fruit Juice Boxes –well, you would never question what flavor of juice you were drinking with this brand. A great marketing and packing idea using the colors and shapes of the fruit itself as identifying the separate flavors. Looks yummy!

Origami Tea – Another tea brand looking to stand out in a crowded market, this one takes a similar route and makes the tea bags extra special. Who wouldn’t want to drink tea from delicately shaped bird tea bags? So pretty and decorative!

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