Okay, so you’ve planned, designed and produced your invention and it’s being a roaring success. That’s the hard part over with, right? Unfortunately not – now you have to work out how to take your business to the next level.

If this is your first venture into inventions, chances are your business will be relatively low key. Instead of a flash, expansive warehouse, the spare room in your home is where you store your items.

While this is okay for the early stages, it will simply not work when your business becomes more popular. If you’re struggling to keep up now, imagine how difficult it will be when you have hundreds of orders coming through every day!

You may not have the funds to invest in some large company headquarters, nor do you have the staff to work in it either. That’s where companies like The Storage Place come in. Their order fulfilment service can relieve some of the pressure on you, as they will take care of sending out the products on your behalf from their centres.

If you’re unsure if you’ll need a service like this, the company are currently running a free 45 day trial, where you only cover the postage and packaging costs. Take advantage of this to see if it will benefit your business.

Of course, once you’ve established a more effective delivery method, you can really take your business places. If you are currently only retailing in your home country, why not branch out and go international? That way you’ll significantly widen your customer base and product appeal, as well as company status.

The most important thing to remember when expanding your business is to look for gaps in the market. Look for ways you can outdo competitors, as well as making your products and services more appealing.

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