Be Online with Your Computer Off

Guest post by Melisa Marzett

I do not stop wondering, how many bright minds, full of ideas, has the Google Company. It is just amazing, how they manage to produce the innovations, one by one, where one is even better than the other. The world has just begun fussing about the Google Glasses, and now we may talk over another great innovation of Google – Social Media Robot.

This is a thing that will give all the Internet users an opportunity to be present online during a long period of time without even sitting before the monitor in reality. Nowadays, people all over the world have several personal accounts on the Internet, and try to maintain all of them to stay in touch with everybody. So, Google, just like a magician, fulfills all the dreams of a modern user. Social Media Robot was patented in order you to have it as your personal servant without even dealing with him.

The idea of such a device (if we may call it like that) took place in 2011, and has been developed until nowadays. The robot performs certain functions for you:

  • it learns the way you react to the social networks;
  • makes up responses instead of you;
  • gives the analysis of the continuing interaction;
  • puts remarks on the messages that request more of a personal communication.

With the significantly increasing number of Internet users in the last years, it is getting more difficult for them to stay in touch with everybody. Thus, it was a great stimulus and an idea for the Google Company to create such a helpful innovation. This smart device will make notes of every action of a person in all the accounts he is registered.

However, there had once already been a critique towards Google concerning the issue of espionage of the email content of the Gmail service. Thus, this innovation is also expected to have a potential threat to the personal correspondence, as not only the emails of the person will be read through, but also the messages of his friends, and family.

There already exist the robots that respond to the mails, comments and blog posts, yet, Google made the process more impersonated. Moreover, the user does not have to be online all the time in order the robot to be able to work with the information. The system is capable of analyzing the information, which is accessible to the user, automatically. It gives the suggestions for the reactions that should be given to the messages.

Nevertheless, the system will not be fully automated. The suggestions provided by the robot should be approved by the user, before it is posted. The user may also reject the suggestions, what will learn the robot to understand, in what way posts should be written.

Google does really make the life of the Internet users much easier. And until there is such a great demand for the innovation like this, Google is sure to be on the top of its success providing people with a really great help.


About the author:Melisa Marzett is an expert on the innovations in the world of technology. No new device has slipped her attention. If you are interested to read more of his works, check Google+ and custom essay writers

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