Part of the mission of the Invention Addict blog is to inspire people. This post is to recognize someone who inspired me and more importantly, my son Nicholas.

Nicholas is a very bright 17 year old young man. I’m not saying that just because he’s my son. His teachers all see that as well but he’s not living up to his potential in school as much as he could.

About a year ago I started watching YouTube videos on my Roku. One of the channels I found was I Like to Make Stuff.iltms

I Like to Make Stuff is Bob Clagget’s Website and YouTube Channel. Nicholas and I watch Bob’s videos and listen to the Making It Podcast.

Bob is a maker, he makes stuff; electronics, woodworking, skateboards and he’s a programmer. Nichoals and I met Bob at Wood Working in America in Winston-Salem last September. Nicholas was so excited to meet people he saw on YouTube. Bob is great guy, friendly and easy going.

Bob has inspired Nicholas to save up money to buy a Shapeoko 3 CNC milling machine. I offered to put up half the money. Nick is also fascinated by 3D printing by watching one of Bob’s videos. Most recently Nicholas decided to teach himself to program with Python.

We’ve had a lot of snow days recently so Nick has been home alone and he’s bored.  He’s taking a SAS class in school that he finds easy so he wanted to branch out and learn something new. He found a site called Code Academy that teaches people to code in Python. In two days he’s completed 40% of the class.

As an engineer myself, I think it’s cool Nicholas is interested in programming. We will see where it leads.

Thank you Bob for what you do.

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