For some, coming up with a new idea on the spot is easy and natural but for others it can result in blank stares. The activities we take part in throughout the day and how we deal with problems can have a great impact on how creative one is. Let’s take a look at some minor lifestyle changes which can be implemented immediately to spark creativity.

writing on paper to spark creativity

Write, Don’t Type

Technology has its place, but sometimes one has to revert to good old-fashioned pen and paper. The act of writing, instead of typing, causes one to slow down and think about what is being expressed rather than choosing specific words. Try coming up with 100 different ways to do a specific task. For example if the task is to get a car to the top of a hill there are many ways to do this. The first 20 or 30 ways to do this likely includes obvious solutions such as starting the engine and driving up the hill, starting the engine and reversing up the hill, getting a bunch of friends together to push it up the hill, and so on. The middle third will be slightly more creative possibly including a pulley system or involve trained horses. The final third enters the realm of crazy ideas such as inventing an anti-gravity machine or using teleportation.

Read And Listen

Copying methods from one industry and applying it into a different industry is sometimes referred to as cross-pollination. Always be on the lookout for reading material about subjects in unrelated areas to learn how they are solving problems. Watch online videos about unrelated topics to expand both audio and visual understandings. A great way to spark creativity is to stay in regular communication with people in other industries so that ideas can be bounced off one another. Not only will you learn how they accomplish a task, but they can also learn from your industry thus becoming a win-win for everyone.

Do Something Different

After learning from others in their area of expertise it’s time to experience it firsthand. It’s one thing to read or listen, but it’s another to actually be there yourself and take part. Act like a beginner and learn the basics such as safety instructions and precautions. Work up the ranks to become at least an experienced novice at performing tasks. Take notes throughout the process on how these procedures can be applied in one’s own work to improve efficiency and reliability.

Move And Watch

The mind is at its most creative state when it is at rest such as while showering or walking. When stuck with trying to solve a problem, take a break and go for a walk to a busy location some distance away and people watch. The exercise alone improves creativity, but also inventing stories about other people can keep the creative juices flowing. Take notes to refer to later and also to prevent uncomfortable feelings which can occur when staring at someone else for too long.

Be A Kid Again

Interact with children on a regular basis as their fresh minds are not tainted with past experience. Find opportunities to donate time and resources to someone that has kids. Bring along toys such as building blocks, crayons, coloring books, or other objects that can assembled to create things. Prepare tasks ahead of time so that the children remain constantly engaged. When interacting with kids give them your full attention, this means don’t be taking notes at the same time. Kids are frequently provided breaks for food or to take a nap. These are prime times opportunities to record notes about recent events.

It can be difficult sometimes to keep a creative mindset. Sometimes it has to be reengaged with writing, reading, and listening. Exploring unrelated activities and participating in them can bring about a new perspective. Interacting with kids, which can increase the amount of exercise we get, can help to make connections that otherwise may not have been seen. Keeping these habits in mind will increase the chances of coming up with a new idea regularly.

This guest post was written by Frank Laughlin. An innovator and adventurer at heart, Frank is committed to providing unique ways of inspiring ideas, sparking creativity and encouraging problem solving. As creator of ideas2apply , Frank encourages creative thinking via the exploration of topics from multiple angles. When not generating new and unique ways to help young minds explore and grow, Frank cultivates his need for adventure through frequent visits to theme parks, sports venues, and instrumental music performances.

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